June 21, 2021

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Getting future-ready for Pandemic outbreaks: Robots to minimize human intervention to control spread of virus

With the pandemic forcing people all over the world to exercise the utmost caution it is the need of the hour to enforce social distancing and as much as possible reduce human intervention especially in the fields of healthcare. Helping to navigate the new normal is one of India’s leading robotic companies, Invento Robotics that has endeavoured to provide robots to help control the spread of Corona Virus.

Invento Robotics latest offering C-Astra which uses state of the art UV-C radiation is currently being used at Apollo hospital to disinfect rooms with Corona patients in Apollo hospital Bangalore. ( Bannerghatta branch)

Astra with its 250 W radiation can also disinfect office lobbies, conference rooms, hotel rooms and public areas in minutes.

Founder of Invento Robotics Mr. Balaji Viswanathan believes that Robotics will be able to provide much needed assistance during these difficult times.

Like all businesses Invento Robotics had to look for new ways to adjust to the new normal, that can benefit the society & the Nation. Invento Robotics has understood that screening & Disinfection are going to be a daily need going forward in personal and commercial spaces & Hospitals. Using their expertise in Computer vision, Speech recognition, autonomous navigation Invento hopes to tackle the new problems with the existing technologies we have built.