June 21, 2021

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A day after CM’s appeal, visually Impaired COVID survivor donates plasma

A day after Chief Minister of Maharashtra Udhhav Thackeray, appealed the COVID survivors to donate plasma for severe COVID patients, a 27-year-old visually impaired music teacher from Mankhurd volunteered to donate plasma at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai.

The lifesaving deed of Nitesh Sonawane may give a new lease of life to an 80-year-old-patient who has enlisted for plasma therapy at the Hospital. The hospital approached several COVID survivors for the plasma donation but Sonawane was the first to willingly agree for the same. 

“It was my first day at work post-quarantine when I received the call. I immediately informed my superiors that I wish to donate plasma and they immediately agreed. Within an hour, I was at the hospital, being counselled about the process. It felt like I was fulfilling my responsibility,” said Sonawane. 

He travelled alone from The Happy Home & School for the Blind—his workplace in Worli to the hospital and back to his home in Mankhurd, just for the cause. 

“There was no reason to let my visual impairment deter my ability to donate plasma. Now after knowing that I can donate plasma after 15 days, I may return to do the same,” he added. 

He was admitted to Nanavati Hospital with COVID infection in May. While all possible precautions were taken to ensure he faces no discomfort, Sonawane proved he needed no additional support and ended up being a source of inspiration for the fellow patients and staff. Within a week, Sonawane tested negative for the COVID infection. “The hospital, its staff and doctors, all gave me very positive vibes. I liked the inclusivity and transparency. Thanks to the blessings of my family, friends and my wife, I recovered soon,” Sonawane said. 

Manpreet Sohal, Director & Chief Operating Officer, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital thanked Sonawane on behalf of the entire hospital and staff for his contribution. “Such good Samaritans encourage us to keep fighting this war against the pandemic. COVID survivors like Sonawane, are living testament of our grit and determination to eliminate the virus. We promise unconditional support to the Maharashtra government in this war against COVID 19,” said Sohal.   

On Monday, the Chief Minister unveiled ‘Project Platina,’ world’s largest’ plasma therapy trial cum treatment, run by Maharashtra government. Over 500 Coronavirus patients with severe symptoms will get a new lease of life through 13 centres, set up under the project.