May 6, 2021

Mental Health Post

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Proper care can help you overcome this problem.

Expert tips by Dr. Geeta Grewal, Cosmetic surgeon- Anti-aging, beauty and wellness expert, 9Muses Wellness Clinic. 

Under Eye area or more precisely area around the eyes also called as the periorbital area is the area of concern for a lot of women and men especially during this quarantine period when the screen time has increased due to work from home or binge-watching your favourite series, most of the cases complaint of dark undereye areas. 

Dark pigment under the eye gives a tired unhappy look to the face, it makes you look sick under the weather or as if you have not slept well. We as doctors have multiple challenges in restoring a healthy periorbital area. 

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and as we age the underlying fat pocket slips or melts (atrophy) . Most of the dark circles are due to the reflection of the dark maroon underlying orbicularis oculi muscle which is a circular muscle around our eyes. 

Also as the fat melts the periorbital area looks hollow and in this concavity, the light does not get reflected thus giving a dark look to the area.

With increased screen time and stress in these tough cover days, the artificial light from the screen causes a lot of drying as it steals the moisture from the skin, and also this light causes a breakdown of collagen. The strain on the eyes makes the fat pockets melt faster. It also impedes the blood microcirculation hence causing accumulation of metabolic byproducts. 

Also, we have noticed due to drinking or having heavy salt and oily food especially later in the day causes puffiness due to water retention. I usually ask my patients to do 5 clockwise and 5 anticlockwise  gentle circular movements with a moisturiser rich in vitamins esp C, E, K taking care to be very gentle not pressing too hard on this delicate skin as the strong hard press can damage the skin further by crushing it between underlying bone and heavy hand movement 

Take precautions not to push the cream into your eye else it can lead to burning, watering, and redness of the eye. Every time you apply under eye cream you must apply 40 minutes before going to bed. Vitamin K, C, and E based creams are effective treatments for undereye dark circles, gentle rubbing in the clock and anti-clock movement helps to improve blood circulation and also stimulates lymphatic circulation. 

Green tea eye bags soaked in ice water or freeze it and place on eyes help to shrink the blood vessels thus helping to decrease the dark circles. Microneedling with antioxidants vitamins and brightening agents like licorice arbutus helps to build strength in the periorbital skin. 

Fat grafting or fillers help to restore the melted or slipped fat pockets which thus corrects the concave deformity to a convex reflecting one and thus correcting the tired exhausted sick haggard look of the face.